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Real-time financials all about the cloud for startup hub

Friday, 28 March 2014 | By StartupSmart

Businesses and entrepreneurs are benefiting from cloud technologies which give them a real-time view of their financial performance and position and enable them to identify potential risks and opportunities quicker than ever before.


Co-working office space provider, Hub Australia is using Deloitte Private Connect to increase business efficiency and innovation as well as improve their performance by having a real-time view of their financial performance and position via a secure and personalised portal.


“Moving our business into the cloud in a secure and cost effective way has freed up our resources and provided us with real-time analytics and expert insights to help us manage and grow our business,” said Leslie Swearingin from Hub Australia.


“Cloud technology brings simplicity and ease to owning and operating a business. We now have time to focus on what really matters and bring the business back into our hands.”


According to David Hill, national managing partner for Deloitte Private, Deloitte Private Connect enables clients to automate their bookkeeping services and fine tune their business throughout the year instead of reviewing results often well after year-end.


“Deloitte Private Connect sends a clear signal to the market that we are absolutely committed to being at the forefront of cloud based customer solutions and applications designed for private and family businesses including our entrepreneurial clients.


“The cloud gives clients the ability to access their data from anywhere and at any time. Such solutions also provide us with the opportunity to regularly connect with our clients and offer timely insights to create and deliver value.”