Building up from Nothing


Tuesday 29th April at 12:30pm


Getting a start-up business off the ground is one of the biggest challenges an entrepreneur will face. Financing a start-up launch can be the trickiest aspect, as can dealing with initial cash flow challenges, finding further funds for growth, building revenue and knowing when to invest more into the company. 

In this webinar, successful start-up entrepreneur Bosco Tan, co-founder of Pocketbook, will reveal how he and his business partner navigated through these financial hurdles in the early stages. He will be accompanied by financial expert David Sharp, of DFK Richard Hill, who will offer valuable advice to entrepreneurs to avoid financial pitfalls.

In this free StartupSmart webinar hosted by Editor Bronwen Clune, you will learn: 

  • The key financial challenges you will face when starting a business from scratch
  • Advice on how to organise startup finances
  • How to manage your cash flow
  • Ways to avoid common financial missteps


Bosco Tan

Bosco is the Co-Founder of Pocketbook. Bosco has years of experience working with big corporates to achieve their strategic and budgeting goals. Bosco is now hoping to use these same principles to help individuals.

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David Sharp
DFK Richard Hill

David understands the value of cash flow to a business and how best to manage this vital asset for growth and this insight, combined with his experience in reviewing and leveraging the key drivers for a business makes him the secret success weapon for many business owners. He specialises in accounting, taxation and business strategy advice for SME’s with a key emphasis on business structures addressing asset protections and tax minimisation strategies

Bronwen Clune

Bronwen is editor of, Australia’s leading online resource for start-ups. She is an experienced journalist and writer with a passion for startups and the business sector. She is vice-president of the Public Interest Journalism Foundation and has a regular weekly column in The Guardian.

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