About the webinar

Startups need to be flexible and respond to the demands of their customers. It could be changing prices, tweaking a product offer or stepping up service, but they must react to thrive.

But how can they do it well?

In this free StartupSmart webinar brought to you by Small Business Victoria Festival, StartupSmart Editor Brownen Clune will speak with health.com.au co-founder Andy Sheats about how to find the right balance between planning and reacting in your startup.

Throughout the growth stages of health insurance business health.com.au, Andy has ensured his team has been responsive to customer needs in order to build and tailor the product offer in the most effective way.


In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of being malleable in your business model;
  • How to stay one step ahead of customer needs;
  • How to monitor customer needs;
  • What areas of your business you can adapt;
  • And much more.



Andy Sheats
Co-founder | health.com.au
Before co-founding health.com.au Andy spent 20 years in online businesses, including seven at realestate.com.au. Andy is responsible for the management of health.com.au, and has a very strong interest in defining its customer experience.
Bronwen Clune
StartupSmart |
Bronwen is editor of www.StartupSmart.com.au, Australia’s leading online resource for start-ups. She is an experienced journalist and writer with a passion for startups and the business sector. She is vice-president of the Public Interest Journalism Foundation and has a regular weekly column in The Guardian.