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How do you get more “likes” on Facebook?

4:13AM | Friday, 5 April | Cas McCullough

Are you looking to get more people to like your start-up’s Facebook page? If so, here are three tips that can help you out.

eBay fee hike brings mixed response from businesses

4:50AM | Wednesday, 3 April | Patrick Stafford

Auction and online retail giant eBay has announced a new fee structure which will see some selling costs increase for many of its members.

Don’t just tweet an investor – think like them

3:05AM | Thursday, 28 March | Michelle Hammond

Start-ups have been urged to forge deep relationships with investors, after new research revealed widespread indifference among business backers for social media as an avenue to deals.

Five steps to humanise your business

3:07AM | Friday, 22 March | Adam Franklin

It might sound counter-intuitive, but one of the great things about the internet is it can help you add a human touch to your organisation. Here are five easy steps to help you to humanise your business online.

How do I find the key influencers in my industry, and get them following me on Twitter?

3:53AM | Thursday, 21 March | Craig Hodges

An influencer is someone with a strong social media following in your industry. But getting their attention might take some patience.

Fewer marketers using social networking: Report

3:48AM | Wednesday, 20 March | Michelle Hammond

A new survey shows marketing budgets will grow by 1% in 2013, following growth of 3.4% last year, while the growth of social networking and Web 2.0 is less pronounced than in 2011.

Know what the cloud is – and ask the right questions

3:25AM | Wednesday, 13 March | Taskmaster

Do you use a web-based email account such as Hotmail or a cloud storage service? If so, there are some important questions you need to ask.

Facebook updates the News Feed: Everything you need to know

3:31AM | Friday, 15 March | Patrick Stafford

The latest updates to Facebook’s News Feed are not only crucial progress from the company as it faces more competitors, but a call to action for SMEs, experts warn.

Five social media stuff-ups you need to avoid

3:33AM | Wednesday, 13 March | Oliver Milman

Social media is a great communications and marketing tool – but you must be careful about how you use it. Here are five classic errors by business and how to avoid them. BY OLIVER MILMAN.

Evernote hack yet another warning of cloud danger for Australian SMEs

3:36AM | Friday, 15 March | Patrick Stafford

Australian Evernote users received a shock this weekend when the company sent notifications indicating it had suffered a hacking attempt, and warned affected users should change their passwords immediately.

Learn some Tweetdeck shortcuts

3:36AM | Wednesday, 13 March | Patrick Stafford

Are you using Tweetdeck to manage your Twitter account? If so, here are some handy time-saving shortcuts.

Get the word out

3:47AM | Wednesday, 13 March | Taskmaster

In this tough media landscape, there are some new ways to promote your business. Here’s one way to take advantage of the situation.

Keep up the good social media work

3:49AM | Wednesday, 13 March | Taskmaster

Congratulations on getting your digital blog up and running. Now it’s time to get in the habit of regularly updating it.

Dell's social media head tells SMEs to start talking online

3:43AM | Friday, 15 March | Patrick Stafford

Businesses shouldn’t wait to hear noise about their brand on social media in order to start a conversation, but instead should look to engage in commentary about their industry, Dell’s head of social media has urged Australian SMEs.

Publicise your blogs on Twitter

3:51AM | Wednesday, 13 March | Taskmaster

It’s no use having a business blog if no one reads it. This is where an effective social media strategy comes into play.

Are you tempted to buy followers? Please don't

3:51AM | Wednesday, 13 March | Adam Franklin

Buying Twitter followers or email mailing lists can seem like an easy way to build your social media presence. However, there are some very important reasons why you shouldn’t. BY ADAM FRANKLIN.

Set up a personal blog

2:20AM | Thursday, 21 February | Taskmaster

Good news: You’re already two-thirds of the way to setting up your first blog! Now here’s the final, simple steps you need to get off and blogging.

Set up a personal blog

3:53AM | Wednesday, 13 March | Taskmaster

Good news: You’re already two-thirds of the way to setting up your first blog! Now here’s the final, simple steps you need to get off and blogging.

Etsy country director visits Oz – five insights from the crafty company

2:36AM | Wednesday, 20 February | Michelle Hammond

The country director of US-based eCommerce website Etsy has offered some insight into the company, and has outlined some key tips for online start-ups, as part of her Australian visit.

Roamz to help relieve retailers’ woes with new analytics tool

2:36AM | Tuesday, 19 February | Michelle Hammond

Australian app developer Jonathan Barouch has promised to help retailers by way of a new app tool, which utilise social media data to deliver real-time insight about customers.