Clik International

Gary Braams



When Gary Braams lost everything he had in 2000 as a builder developer, he decided that he would make the most of his misfortune and create a business from the lessons he learned.


“The issue was that I only relied on one real estate agent to sell off my apartments I was developing,” he explains.


“He couldn’t sell enough in time. In fact he sold none of the project that was completed. I lost all my equity and went bankrupt.”


Braams managed to build a multimillion dollar business from his dining room table by creating a system that allows real estate agents to access stock listed anywhere in Australia and share in the commissions available.


The commissions to total per sale can be as high as 5.5%, or even higher depending on the motivation of the vendor.


Each member has a database to call on and therefore if you have 300 members you have 300 databases. Some members are in China.


Braams says: “This business concept allows any current real estate agent to close up a cost ineffective business such as half the shop front real estate business out there to simply perform all the tasks from a regional based office or a home office.”


“Shop fronts are already dying. I’m the hero who will eventually give them options to still bring in an income without the expense of an office. Clik is a virtual real estate office on your laptop or iPad.”

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