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enLighten Australia

Written by Amelie Mills | Friday, 23 March 2012 10:41 Last Updated on Friday, 23 March 2012 15:15 by Fiona Lim

enLighten specialises in designing, marketing, distributing and installing low-energy lighting solutions.



By combining efficient LED design with intelligent “point of use” control systems, enLighten is able to achieve world-leading energy efficiency outcomes for its clients.


The first product in this space is a multifunction light marketed under the name “Chamaeleon”, first installed in January last year, with an updated version released in May.


According to Whitfield, Chamaeleon regularly achieves energy savings of more than 90% and is being snapped up by the commercial property market.


“enLighten has already been approached by companies wanting to distribute the product in Europe and the USA,” he says.


“Chamaeleon invariably provides ROI outcomes of less than three years and has achieved a project ROI of as little as six months.”


During the first half of 2012, enLighten is expected to release four other products into the market, and has several larger product groups being developed.


“enLighten projects are resulting in record energy and cost savings for its clients,” Whitfield says.


“While the LED lighting industry is exploding with copycat products that attempt to duplicate existing technologies, enLighten embarked on a course of product development that focused on achieving maximum outcomes by identifying deficiencies in ‘methods of use’ and/or existing products within the lighting industry.”


“The suite of patented products that enLighten will release to the market over the next two years will see it emerge as a world leader in energy-efficient lighting solutions.”


Whitfield says it can be challenging for a new product group to gain acceptance in the market, so perseverance is essential in order the challenge the “accepted way of doing things”.