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Pangolin Associates

Written by Amelie Mills | Friday, 23 March 2012 10:59 Last Updated on Friday, 23 March 2012 15:16 by Fiona Lim

Pangolin Associates is a sustainability, risk, energy and carbon advisory firm.


“We conduct greenhouse gas and energy audits, risk assessments in regards to carbon price exposure, work with our clients to build environmental management systems, trade in certified carbon credits and GreenPower,” Curnow says.


“Pangolin Associates also work in compliance markets, particularly the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act and the National Carbon Offset Standard.”


After watching their previous employer go into administration, Curnow convinced the other three founders that they could start their own company.


“There was a need for an end-to-end solution for organisations who wish to start the sustainability journey,” he says.


“As Pangolin Associates was founded by people who have a real passion for sustainability, we have embedded this into our organisation from the very start.


“As we advise clients to reduce their carbon footprint in a three-step process, we apply the same steps to Pangolin Associates.”


The company is committed to measuring its carbon footprint annually, implementing eco-friendly processes and policies, and offsetting greenhouse gases that it cannot reduce or prevent.


According to Curnow, the most challenging part of starting up was convincing the other founders to get on board, and negotiating with the directors and administrator of their previous employer.


“We found how valuable our networks and customer relationships were, receiving heavily discounted legal fees, website builds, accounting fees, and retaining nearly all of the client base from our previous employer,” he says.


“The experience – having been through as a start-up in a similar field as an employee – I learnt so much, but did not realise how much I still had to learn once we started our own company.”


“I have such a passion for business, and I truly love getting to put what I am learning into practice.”