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Solution Entertainment

Written by Amelie Mills | Friday, 23 March 2012 11:08 Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 March 2012 10:49 by Amelie Mills

Solution Entertainment is an entertainment-based event management company, which can offer start-to-end management of any type of event.


The business has booked and managed entertainment for conferences, Christmas events, gala dinners, product launches and even large-scale weddings.


“We offer innovative management and work with the customer, for the customer,” Hampel says.


“We design the whole event – from styling, audio visual and entertainment – and focus on the smallest detail to provide the perfect event.”


Hampel became inspired to start the business after working as a DJ.


“I started focusing on booking other acts when I was booked and then it just took off. I started branching out and one thing led to another,” he says.


After gaining some exposure in the industry, Hampel saw that suppliers were not responding in a timely manner, prompting him to come up with alternative.


“Things were being done the same way and suppliers were applying the same model to many different styles of events, not giving it a personal touch,” he says.


“We pride ourselves on coming up with innovative concepts which have not been seen before in the market. We bring a fresh approach to the industry and have built organically.”


According to Hampel, the most challenging part of starting up the business was being able to support himself and his lifestyle.


“You have to just stick to your guns and let life play out... Better having tried and failed than not tried at all. For me, it went in a positive direction,” he says.


“I am constantly seeking ideas that relate to an event but completely out of left-field. We utilise technology in a way that has not been seen in this industry and really hunt for the newest ideas.”