StartupSmart Awards 2012

StartupSmart Awards 2012 – The companies to watch

By StartupSmart Awards 2012
Tuesday, 27 March 2012

When StartupSmart announced its 2012 awards we were flooded with more than almost 300 entries.


While the final awards list contains the 50 largest companies as ranked by revenue, we were so impressed with the calibre of companies involved that we wanted to create a list of the companies to watch in the coming years.


There are some really great ideas here – we look forward to seeing many of these companies in the top 50 very soon.



Company Name: Curve Tomorrow

Founders: Mohinder Jaimangal, Avinash Rugoobur and Vikash Rugoobur

“Curve Tomorrow is an innovation start-up focused on revolutionising society through compelling and innovative concepts and solutions.”




Company Name: Bench PR

Founder: Jocelyn Hunter

“Bench PR is a public relations agency specialising in the IT sector.”




Company Name: IP Works

Founder: John Brooks

“IP Works specialises in using the internet for effective communications, we supply and install VoIP and email solutions for the SMB market.”




Company Name: Ship 2 Anywhere

Founders: Jack Fitzgerald and Michael Teasdale

“Ship 2 Anywhere is an innovative online service that brings cheap and simple shipping to individuals and businesses with a level of service that is not available anywhere else. The service makes national and international shipping accessible, easier, cheaper, quicker and more practical. Ship 2 Anywhere operates two sites, Ship 2 Anywhere and USA Parcel Forwarding.”




Company Name: The Little Big Company

Founders: Jason Line and Louisa Line

“We are a party, homewares and gifts company, and we also help style events.”




Company Name: The Brown Hare

Founder: Susan Spivey

“We are a hairdressing business with the vision of educating young hairdressers studying in the industry.”




Company Name: LX Design House

Founder: Simon Blyth

“LX is an innovative contract electronics design company specialising in the design of embedded systems and wireless technologies. We offer clients a professional turnkey experience, with services designed to take a new product idea from concept through to production.”




Company Name: Invention Evaluator

Founders: Michael Manion, Heather Kelley and Gerard Manion

“Invention Evaluator provides an objective, systematic analysis of the commercial potential of an idea or invention.”




Company Name: Halcyon State

Founder: Leigh Gibson

“Halcyon State is an online retail boutique specialising in promoting Australian and New Zealand designers. The current website offers clothes, shoes and accessories online.”




Company Name: SereniTEA infusions

Founder: Ashish Sharma

“We supply premium tea which is organic certified and also fairtrade to retail stores, cafes, restaurants and high end stores.”




Company Name: HRnet

Founders: Stuart Atkins and Natalie Kilburn

“HRnet provides segmented staffing assistance to the small and medium business sector throughout Australia.”




Company Name: Voyage Publishing

Founders: Roberta Styles-Wood and Stephen Wood

We produce resources about places. We allow people to explore the things to see and do, hear the stories and contribute to local economies. Our products include Grid Maps - the precinct based pocket guides for visitors and locals; and MELBOURNEmade, the quarterly magazine showcasing the creativity of this city.”




Company Name: Beef Central

Founders: Jon Condon and James Nason

“Beef Central is the only daily online news and advertising service dedicated to Australia's beef and cattle industry, an industry that generates $8 to $10b in production annually. Beef Central's owners are two rural journalists with 30 and 18 years’ experience respectively.”




Company Name: VacuumSpot

Founders: Alec Nelson and Kerry Nelson

“We are an online retailer for all the peripheral items for vacuum cleaners. We sell all the common items like bags, belts, filters and tools.”




Company Name: Full Circle Health & Exercice

Founders: Debbie Moore, Verity Johnson and Judy Hewat

“Full Circle Health & Exercise is a Geelong-based business within the health and exercise sector.”




Company Name: Callaughan Partners

Founder: Brad Callaughan

“We are an accounting practice that offers upfront fixed fees and a turn around time of work flow quicker than any practice.”




Company Name: Basic Bananas

Founders: Franziska Iseli-Hall and Christo Hall

Basic Bananas offers creative marketing strategies to small businesses. Our main program is a mastermind group with up to 15 small business owners participating in monthly mastermind meetings to learn and implement different marketing strategies.”




Company Name: Exceptional Tuition and Resumes / Exceptional Training

Founder: Monique Jeremiah

“Exceptional Tuition and Resumes delivers home, online and group-based academic tuition to high school and university students in all subjects and resume writing services to job seekers and Exceptional Training delivers intensive short business courses to individuals wishing to learn how to start their own business from scratch.”




Company Name: The Sunglass Fix

Founders: Craig Anderson and Lainie Anderson

“The Sunglass Fix is a start-up company that has been in commercial operations for 26 months. We source and manufacture premium sunglass lenses and shape them to fit almost all makes and models of sunglasses.”




Company Name: DNA Security Solutions

Founders: Tania Jolley and Andrew Taft

“We have designed, developed and provide criminal marking systems to soft target businesses of armed hold-ups and burglary. DNA Guardian will spray and mark a criminal with a synthetic tag and UV dye, which will forensically link them with the crime scene at the time the crime is occuring.”




Company Name: Pozible

Founders: Rick Chen and Alan Crabbe

“Pozible is a crowdfunding platform and community for creative projects and ideas. Developed for artists, musicians , filmmakers, journalists, designers, social change makers, entrepreneurs, inventors, event organisers, software developers and all creative-minded people to raise funds, realise their aspirations and make great things possible.”




Company Name: Lighting Matters

Founder: James Stapledon

“Lighting Matters is a competitive business dedicated to supplying its customers with high quality LED lighting products to reduce our impact on the earth by reducing energy consumption, lasting longer than other forms of lighting, being recyclable and containing no harmful chemicals or compounds.”




Company Name: Strawberry Communications

Founder: Johanna Baker-Dowdell

“Strawberry Communications generates amazing publicity for its clients by positioning them as industry experts. This is achieved through writing and public relations strategies tailored to gain media attention and build client’s businesses.”




Company Name: Health & Fitness Recruitment Australia

Founder: Tanya Wilson

“Health & Fitness Recruitment Australia specialises in health, fitness and wellbeing services. We exist to connect great professionals with great employers in the health, fitness and wellbeing world as well as provide resources and educational material.”




Company Name: Sports Geek

Founder: Sean Callanan

“Sports Geek is a sports digital consultancy that helps sports teams, leagues and athletes to get results via digital and social media marketing.”



Company Name: Wellbeing Holidays & Corporate Services

Founder: Phoenix Arrien

“We provide mobile wellbeing services to people staying at holiday or corporate accommodation as well as attendees at conferences, retreats and venues. We also expanded our operations to organise complete holiday and retreat organisation with a wellbeing or relaxation theme.”




Company Name: Oneflare

Founders: Tommy Lim, Marcus Lim and Adam Dong

“Oneflare is an online marketplace for home services. Customers can request any home service on and our platform runs a tendering process in which interested businesses compete for the work by submitting their best price quotes.”




Company Name: Brownie Points

Founders: Tony Delaney and Chris Keenan

“Brownie Points is a business software solution that has been developed to remove the complexity of reward and recognition, making it available to any organisation, regardless of size or budget.”




Company Name: Autodose Australia


Founders: Patrick Reid, Craig Thiesen and Jim Jone

“Our system provides precision opiate dispensing that increases the safety and efficiency for both patients and health professionals - primarily pharmacists - allowing the cost effective management of this service.”




Company Name: HosPortal

Founders: Chris Jones, Sek-Mun Wong and Douglas Ross

“We provide rostering management for on-call doctors, enabling hospital administration to administer the on-call roster online rather than on a spreadsheet stuck to the notice board or toilet door. It also enables doctors to see their on-call schedule online, and swap shifts online.”




Company Name: We Are ULTRA

Founders: Anita Hawkins and Tengku Chanela Jamidah

We Are ULTRA is as sustainable design collective that facilitates sustainable action and awareness through creative project development and collaboration. We create products and experiences that are innovative and design-focused so as to capture the market of those not yet interested in sustainability.”



Company Name: Major Domo Australia

Founder: Wade Martin

“Major Domo provides an elite butlering service that performs its professional private service duties with honesty, integrity, and efficiency, while protecting the privacy and reputation of its clients.”




Company Name: ReGadget

Founder: Owen McCrink

“We offer instant prices for old gadgets on our website. You answer a few simple questions about your gadget, and an instant price is calculated. Gadgets that can be traded-in include mobile phones, consoles, tablets, laptops and many more.”




Company Name: Wh Mobile

Founders: Jonathan Williams and James Harrison

“We have built a smartphone app (iOS, Android, Nokia, WP7) to allow hospitality businesses to promote offers to customers in their local area. Our system is self-service and allows merchants to post, amend or remove offers in real time as well as track their effectiveness through our reporting system.”




Company Name: Timewise Business Solutions

Founder: Andrew Collins

“The business provides bookkeeping and business support services for small to medium businesses in the north and western suburbs of Melbourne. We also provide a consulting service for small to medium businesses to setup and support their accounting systems.”




Company Name: The Psychic Institute of Australia

Founder: Kristy Vickery

“The Psychic Institute of Australia is Australia's first and only comprehensive online psychic services institute, serving the public and representing professionals. Our products and services include psychic coaching, psychic counselling, online psychic development in complete course format as well as individual modules, and memberships for public and profeesionals.”




Company Name: Move-Meant Pilates Studio

Founder: Kim Paxton

“We are a fully-equipped Pilates Studio offering the traditional Pilates Method. We offer mat, apparatus and pilates-stick classes.”




Company Name: Mi Goals

Founder: Adam Jelic

“Mi Goals is a lifestyle brand which creates urban-savvy and visually appealing products that help individuals achieve their goals and live inspired lives. Our products include: Mi Goals Diary, Mi Goals Notes book, Mi Goals Book, Mi Goals Inspire Book and Mi Goals Desk calendar.”




Company Name: Cashflowbuilder

Founder: Adrian Pin

“Cashflowbuilder is an online software program which acts as your business’s collections and credit controller and automates your entire collections and payment process.”




Company Name: Cleaning Maid Easy

Founders: Jo Burston and Melanie Hobson

“The idea for the business started after hearing some of my friends talking about the grievances they were having over their cleaners. Our concept is to create a company that employs cleaning staff legitimately, so they pay tax and superannuation, work a maximum of 40 hours per week (20 hours if they are students), are covered by insurance and are looked after by people that care about their welfare.”




Company Name: Hospital Healing Hampers

Founder: Jennifer Holdsworth

Having a child (our fourth) with Kabuki Syndrome, we have had to have many surgeries and visits to Hospitals within Tasmania and Victoria. During these visits we have recognised the need for quality 100% Australian gifts, that help people to feel good about themselves during illness, or surgery, plus the need to help familiy members also feel good whilst dealing with the process of healing.”




Company Name: WeTeachMe

Founders: Martin Kemka, Demi Markogiannaki, Kym Huynh and Cheng Zhu

“WeTeachMe handles every part of the transaction so that passionate people can focus purely on what they already know – teachng a group class in a way which makes their passion a financially viable business venture.”




Company Name: Native Tongue

Founders: Matthew Ho, James Drucza and Kym Huynh

“Native Tongue creates mobile games that removes the pain of learning a language. Most products available today are language-learning products that are not engaging and contain a clumsy gaming layer on top. Native Tongue's products are rooted in a game first and foremost, with the language learning a by-product of playing the game. Our first two products are for Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. French, Japanese and English to quickly follow suit.”




Company Name: eBooks International

Founder: David Horne

“eBooks International is a global eBook and digital publishing company that is focused on empowering authors to write, promote, publish, sell, and profit from their eBooks. eBooks International provides authors with all the required tools to publish their eBooks with complete control over their editorial content, copyright, and distribution.”




Company Name: Emergency Warning Systems

Founders: Geoff Drucker, Domenic Luppino and Kostantino Papafoyiou

“EWS offers its technology to emergency services organisations globally to manage people in an emergey via a radio broadcast on their AM/FM radio advising what to do in an emergency.”




Company Name: Allegiance Accounting

Founder: George Germanos

“Allegiance Accounting are professional Chartered Accountants providing business, taxation and accounting advice with service and quality that is second to none.”




Company Name: Fresh Designs

Founder: Lauren Harris

“Fresh Designs specialises in beautiful items for the treasured little people in your life, all hand crafted with love. With an emphasis on quality and attention to detail, Fresh Designs takes classic styles and adds a 'fresh' twist. From sweet vintage smocks to bright funky playsuits and everything in between.”


Company Name: Virtual Assistant Star

Founder: Danielle Turiello

“Virtual Assistant Star provides administrative support to businesses and busy people all over Australia from a home office in Melbourne, Victoria.”




Company Name: 15 Second Software

Founder: Ken Longshaw

“We sell a smart phone app called Tax Receipt Log (TRL) in iTunes and Google Marketplace. The app allows users to photograph a receipt at the checkout, enter the amount and a category then it sends the data to your laptop. At the end of a period it can send a completed spreadsheet with all expenses totalled and categorised.”




Company Name: Eat With Me

Founders: Liisa Vurma, Bethany Jones and Thomas Vaht

A social networking service where people can meet other people to share a meal together.”




Company Name: Ebony Jayne Photography

Founder: Ebony Preece

“Ebony Jayne Photography specialises in corporate, wedding and portraiture photography. I also sell stock and custom framed images of Africa”




Company Name: Poppet Pieces

Founders: Sherelyn Hallam and David Hallam

“Poppet Pieces is a small, family run online retail store selling our own range of modern cloth nappies and accessories.”




Company Name: Women as Entrepreneurs

Founders: Orsi Parkanyi and Greg Czako

Providing networking and learning opportunities to accomplished female entrepreneurs via events (trainings and mentoring in the future) and a website with inspiring video interviews and useful content that the members of the community build.”



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Wow, I'm so thrilled Strawberry Communications has been included amongst these incredible companies to watch. Thanks StartUpSmart.
JohannaBD , March 29, 2012
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