Founders: Adrian Stone, Nathan Sampimon
Winner: Best Start-up Investor

AngelCube is a Melbourne-based start-up accelerator, which invests in very early stage web businesses. In addition to seed capital, start-ups receive mentorship and valuable connections.


“We want to support the next generation of great Aussie success stories, and we think that the web/mobile is the best place to find them,” AngelCube says.


“If you have a great idea in the internet, software or mobile space that you feel has real potential to change lives whilst earning real revenue, then we want to hear from you.”


StartupSmart feels that in an increasingly crowded start-up accelerator and incubator market, AngelCube has made a number of eye-catching investments and has sought to innovate in a bid to help its chosen ventures reach the top.


It has been instrumental in the success of start-ups such as, and Kickfolio, all of which are graduates of AngelCube.


AngelCube was also commended on its contribution to the start-up community as a whole.

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