Ice Online

Nick Molnar
Founders: Nick Molnar
Revenue: $1.65 million
Started: 2011
Head Office: New South Wales
Employees: 1
Industry: Internet
Nick Molnar

Molnar started off selling jewellery on eBay while at university, and was soon the largest seller in eBay’s jewellery and watches category in Australia.


At one point, Molnar was shipping out 100 parcels a day as a result of sales on eBay, and he did all of this from his bedroom.


He was then granted an exclusive licence by American online jeweller to launch, providing jewellery directly from the manufacturer to consumers.


According to Molnar, jewellery is the last retail category to be sold online, so the opportunity is quite significant.


“None of the big players are currently selling online,” he says.


Molnar prides himself on giving customers a rewarding experience.


“Especially on eBay where your reviews are public and you can read them daily, it is very rewarding reading all the positive feedback from your customers once you exceed their expectations,” he says.


He also believes his business has a major advantage because of its affiliation with


“Ice Online has identified the opportunity to partner with a leading overseas partner in order to cut significant operation costs, and leverage off the existing traffic and sales-building initiatives. [This includes] all marketing material, product descriptions, Adwords,” he says.

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