Kare Kard

Founders: Samantha Martin
Revenue: $540,000
Started: 2011
Head Office: Victoria
Employees: 4
Industry: Other
Website: www.karekard.com.au
Samantha Martin
Samantha Martin

Kare Kard is a provider of digital loyalty and reward programs for the fundraising community and companies. It boasts 200 national retailers offering uncapped discounts between 5% and 50% to members.


Founder Samantha Martin says she aims to create a mutually beneficial relatioship between the member, retailer and the client.


“Each aspect of our program has been designed to ensure the member, the retailer and our client all benefit. Our strong portfolio of retail partners and our proven track record has established Kare Kard as a leader in the rewards field.


“Kare Kard helps organisations increase the effectiveness of customer acquisition and retention strategies,” Martin says.


Kare Kard has partnered with established brands such as Quickflix, Freedom Insurance and Q Energy among others.


Martin actually sold a house in order to raise the $80,000 it cost her to start the business and pay staff wages.


While discount sites have popped up everywhere in recent years, Martin says her niche is in allowing people “to save money on everyday living expenses whilst also giving back to charities. Everyone wins.”


She says the hardest part of her business was getting the organisation name recognised within the rewards sector.


“Many of our competitors have been around for a long time and we needed to demonstrate that we had a better product and could service the industry and our clients customers.


“Many organisations will listen to your story, but you need to give value by providing a superior service to secure the client and deliver an outstanding experience.


“We knew we had to get the runs on the board as a new start up no one had ever heard of, so we surrounded ourselves with brand name national clients; we became accredited as fundraisers, which gave us credibility as a rewards provider; and we go over and above with servicing our members and clients,” she says.