Founders: Graham Doessel
Revenue: $1.11 million
Started: 2009
Head Office: Queensland
Employees: 21
Industry: Other

MyCRA was developed for the sole purpose of giving customers the ability to access and improve their credit file.


“We are able to perform a credit file check for customers and from that we determine how we can help repair their credit file to give them the best opportunity to be accepted by credit providers,” Doessel says.


With more than 15 years of combined experience in helping clients with their credit issues, MyCRA claims it is the fastest credit file repair agency in Australia.


“We can often remove judgements from your file in as little as three days, and if we don’t think we can remove it we will let our customers know before we try,” Doessel says.


“We help our clients who have black marks, including defaults and judgments, be removed off their credit file as they are listed incorrectly and unlawfully by the creditor.


“We audit the creditors to ensure they have followed all legislative requirements before placing the listing on the client’s file.


“In the past we have had a success rate of up to 91.7% and we have helped hundreds of Australians restore their financial reputation.”


Doessel, who used to run Australia’s largest non-conforming brokerage, started the business in the wake of the global financial crisis.


“While the clients we looked after had bad credit, suddenly when the global financial crisis hit Australia we were finding the majority of our client base had their property values lower than the mortgages on them, making it impossible to refinance them… We had to find another way to help,” he says.


The best part of starting up?


“Doing something that can make a tremendous difference to the lives of so many people,” Doessel says.