Jamie Smith
Founders: Jamie Smith and Steven Pryce
Revenue: $2.49 million
Started: 2010
Head Office: Victoria
Employees: 6
Industry: Finance and insurance
Website: www.orpheus.net.au
Jamie Smith

Jamie Smith and Steven Pryce were working for different large software firms that were partners to each other when they realised they had a common gripe.


“Both of us were frustrated by organisational bureaucracy and both firmly believed that being customer responsive was the way to create long-term and sustainable value,” says Smith.


“We also had a passion for our customers’ entire value chain – how solutions helped them and their customers – not just our software and the services that went with it.”


The duo felt there was a gap in the market for a more customer-focused approach and subsequently set up their own individual companies, which were then merged.


“We saw a major gap between what vendors stated and said versus the customer reality of implementing a solution,” says Smith. “Vendor approaches tended to operate in a vacuum whilst the end customer experience never featured in the consideration of major platform upgrades. We fill that gap.”


Orpheus provides a full range of software assessment, implementation and support services to companies, with the insurance industry a key focus.


“The challenge and excitement of being totally responsible for our own success is a powerful motivating force for us,” says Smith.


“Positive feedback from our customers by way of commentary and continuing business reinforces our belief that we have made the right choice.”

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