SA Construct

Founders: Jarrad Morgan
Revenue: $3.63 million
Started: 2011
Head Office: South Australia
Employees: 14
Industry: Construction
Jarrad Morgan
Jarrad Morgan

While working for a building firm, Jarrad Morgan decided to go it alone with own business, although, as he admits: “The overall goal of the company and strategic path wasn’t so clear at the time. However, the underlying principle was to be a builder that was reliable and did the work 'in-house'.”


Morgan says he was “over” being a project manager and wanted to run a business that offered a comprehensive construction service.


While he started out on his own, Morgan has managed to hire more than a dozen staff by concentrating on a lucrative niche – the supply and installation of commercial cladding systems.


“My approach is to be the easy-going, fresh active and innovative company and use it to my advantage over the older companies that have their old set ways of business which can sometimes develop into stubbornness for change.”


Revenue has mushroomed as a result of this approach, although Morgan admits that cashflow has been, much like many businesses, a severe challenge.


“You are often dealing with large sums of money and large payment terms that are never paid on time,” he explains. “Further to this, the industry has a large Christmas shut-down period where no money comes in but a lot of wages go out. This pushed me to the edge in my first year.”