Smart SEO

Founders: Matt Walker, Nathanael Vanderkolk
Revenue: $770,000
Started: 2011
Head Office: New South Wales
Employees: 15
Industry: Internet
Matt Walker
Matt Walker

Nathanael Vanderkolk
Nathanael Vanderkolk

It’s a common tale – founders who become disillusioned with their employment and decide to strike out on their own in the same industry. In the case of Matt Walker and Nathanael Vanderkolk, the pair wanted to create an SEO firm with a dedication to “honesty and integrity”.


The SEO industry is saturated with small players and standing out is no easy challenge. In fact, the pair says the market is becoming more like the used car sales industry every day.


However, this presents a key opportunity.


“Due to the fact that a lot of SMEs are uneducated and unknown to the world of online marketing, this is sometimes the reason they are taken advantage of by companies or 'cowboys' within our industry.”


“We like to take a relaxed and personal approach to our clients' online advertising and website needs, educate them along the way and still provide the results. This strategy has worked very well thus far and is a huge part of our success.”


Of course, it’s not always easy. Managing the accounting and finance part of the business has been difficult, with the pair saying they’ve had to learn a lot along the way. But being in “total control” has made the effort worthwhile.


“Having our name and our brand on our door as well as associated with so many Australian businesses is also something we're very proud of.”