Ned Dwyer, Peter Murray
Founders: Ned Dwyer, Peter Murray

Ned Dwyer, Peter Murray
Winner: Best Start-up Idea is a curated marketplace of qualified developers from around the world. It helps small business owners tweak everything from their website to their online marketing.


“I was running a digital agency and found that I had two types of ‘customers’ come to me who I couldn’t help,” says Tweaky co-founder Ned Dwyer.


“First was those who had a website built by another agency and needed to make a few small updates. We couldn’t help because, with our model, we have minimum project fees.


“The second type was family and friends who always wanted help with small projects. Again, it was hard to charge them the big bucks but there was nowhere to really send them.”


These problems prompted Dwyer and fellow co-founder Peter Murray to start, which Dwyer describes as a crowdsourced digital agency.


“The economies of scale allow us to create efficiencies to bring the price down to what a small business owner can afford,” he says.


“Our business model involves finding great talent from around the world in web developers and marketing experts.


“Our project managers help them to package their products into bite-sized portions so that anyone can understand exactly what they’re buying… We then take a commission on each sale.”


Tweaky was judged to be the best start-up idea for “identifying a pain point in a large market, that is ideally served by a managed marketplace”.


It was praised for its “clear focus, simple process and fixed pricing”, which “combine to create a great value proposition to the customer”.

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