Pollenizer – Pollenizer Academy Highlights Growth Of Start-up Master Classes: Strategy

Pollenizer Academy launch points to the rise of the start-up master class

By Michelle Hammond
Wednesday, 04 July 2012

Tech start-up incubator Pollenizer has established an educational program designed to help entrepreneurs build and operate lean start-ups, highlighting the growth of start-up master classes.


Pollenizer Academy has been established to equip individuals and teams with the practical knowledge needed to build a successful and lean start-up.


Pollenizer co-founder Phil Morle says Pollenizer has spent four years learning how to discover and build new web and mobile businesses.


“We turned this practical knowledge into a course to train our own teams, and thought it would be an awesome set of skills for Australian and Singaporean entrepreneurs,” Morle says.


“It’s targeted at serious entrepreneurs who are ready to give it a go.”


The academy is offering a series of courses, each of which focuses on a specific topic. Course titles include “The Lean Product Manager” and “Web Development for Lean Startups”.


“Having spent years training the team, Pollenizer has taken the opportunity to turn this practical knowledge into a course and produce a training academy,” Pollenizer’s Nicola Farrell says.


“This course has been established to train, educate and apply the knowledge used within Pollenizer… Pollenizer Academy is currently taking enrolments for its first classes.”


Pollenizer is also calling for applications for the Pollenizer Academy Scholarship Programme. Applications close on Monday, July 9.


Of course, Pollenizer isn’t the only organisation offering start-up master classes.


Here are two others paving the way for start-ups:


General Assembly


Each week, StartupSmart picks out the key points from the General Assembly entrepreneurial classes in Sydney.


General Assembly is a global network of campuses for individuals seeking opportunity and education in technology, business and design.


“At General Assembly, we offer a new model for learning these skills, one that features emerging content taught by top practitioners with real-world experience,” it says.


“Our global network of campuses not only brings people together, but also takes advantage of a new kind of learning-by-doing.”


“Through our curriculum, entrepreneurs receive a pragmatic and multidisciplinary education at the intersection of technology, design, and business.”




Earlier this year, online resource site WeTeachMe hosted a series of start-up speed teaching events at the York Butter Factory in Melbourne.


“We will team you up with field experts that specialise in start-ups... You will get the chance to network and find an adviser, a mentor or just like-minded people,” it said.


Course titles included “How to launch your business in 48 hours”, “How to nail the incubator interview” and “How to increase user engagement with gamification”.

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