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Ready Steady Go Kids – Sells First International Franchise In Singapore: Strategy

Ready Steady Go Kids sells first foreign franchise

By Michelle Hammond
Friday, 13 July 2012

Adelaide-based exercise franchise Ready Steady Go Kids is planning to enter the New Zealand market and expand further into Asia, after selling its first international franchise in Singapore.


Ready Steady Go Kids, owned by Stuart and Toni Derbyshire, is a multisport and exercise program for preschoolers.


Physio-designed for children aged from two-and-a-half to six, Ready Steady Go Kids aims to create positive attitudes to exercise.


Classes cover the fundamentals of 10 different sports while developing age-appropriate motor skills. Kids also learn about the concept of sportsmanship.


The classes also provide an outlet for children who may not have backyards.


The business has been operating since 2004, and currently runs classes at more than 70 locations in South Australia, Victoria, NSW and Queensland.


In one year, the company has undergone a complete rebrand, introduced a new website with online enrolments, and opened more than 30 new locations across the country.


Stuart Derbyshire announced in February the company’s goal is to grow to 100 locations nationwide by the end of the next calendar year.


“That represents roughly 40 new locations across the country, and the international locations we’ll be targeting are Singapore and New Zealand,” he said.


Part of that plan has already come to fruition – the company has confirmed the commencement of its first international franchise in Singapore.


The Singapore franchise was purchased by local businessman Wee Lee Chua, who has highlighted his intention to grow the business rapidly to meet demand.


Chua’s ultimate target is to teach in 50 childcare centres and 20 independent locations across the city, with many of those classes due to start in the first term of 2013.


“I want to help the nation build a sporting culture – it’s one of the big things I love about Australia and Australians from my previous trips there,” Chua said in a statement.


“I am truly passionate about sport and believe it is a wonderful tool to bring people together, teach life lessons and unite people of different backgrounds.”


“And I love kids, so I think Ready Steady Go Kids is made for me.”


Meanwhile, Derbyshire says the company is “really excited” about growing the program even further internationally.


Ready Steady Go Kids isn’t the first franchise to temporarily bypass New Zealand and expand further afield.


Last month, car cleaning franchise Nanotek announced its expansion into the New Zealand market, having already launched in more than a dozen countries including Russia and Greece.


As Nanotek founder Jim Cornish explained, New Zealand is a very different market to Australia – despite claims to the contrary – and therefore requires a different approach.


“Kiwis look at Australia and say, ‘Don’t think we’re just like you’. Being Australian and being successful in Australia didn’t carry a lot of weight with New Zealanders,” he said.

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