SEO: TEDx: Five Top Entrepreneur Video Talks

Top five TEDx entrepreneurship talks

By Oliver Milman
Wednesday, 29 February 2012

feature-ted-talks-thumbCreated around the rather simple mission statement of "Ideas worth spreading", TEDx has grown from a single small gathering to a worldwide network of events that have proved magnetic to innovators.


With past speakers including Tim Berners-Lee, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Wales, TEDx’s arrival in Australia sparked plenty of interest.


The 2012 program has recently been announced, with events in Canberra and Sydney, as well as a purely “social” event in Melbourne this week, TEDx will again attract some of Australia’s smartest and most creative entrepreneurs.


To whet your appetite ahead of these events, here are five of the best business-related talks from TEDx’s history around the world:

1. Scott Metzger - Crafting better businesses


Start-ups often gripe about the economies of scale that big businesses enjoy. In some cases, this buying power can seemingly knock start-ups out of the market.


But it doesn’t have to be like this. Craft beer brewing is an area that is booming in Australia, as well as overseas, despite the huge firepower at the disposal of the major manufacturers.


Freetail Brewing Company founder Scott Metzger explains in this talk why small businesses need economies of authenticity, rather than scale.


2. Nick Crocker - Floss the teeth you want to keep


The growth of the TEDx brand across the world has seen talks take place in some unlikely outposts – including Darwin.


In this fantastic TEDx talk, leading Aussie web entrepreneur Nick Crocker challenges businesses’ assumptions about how to instigate change.


3. Ligaya Tichy - Rethinking start-up communities


Through her work at cutting edge tech start-ups such as Yelp and Airbnb, Ligaya Tichy knows a thing or two about how you build a community of engaged, happy customers around a business.


If you think that building a grassroots community is a substitute for marketing, or that you don’t need to interact with your customers in order for them to love your brand, Tichy has a few useful words of advice.


4. Will McInnes - Making business radical


As UK entrepreneur Will McInnes points out, we spend most of our lives either sleeping or working. So why stick in a job that you hate?


McInnes has some great tips on how businesses can encourage happiness among staff, arguing that it is more than just a “cute idea.”


5. Derek Sivers - How to start a movement


Leadership is a topic routinely poured over by countless business leaders, books and even sports stars.


But the importance of the first follower of a leader hasn’t been summed up by anyone as eloquently as entrepreneur Derek Sivers.


As Sivers explained, aided by the video of a wildly dancing teen, the first follower is what “transforms a lone nut into a leader.”


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