Business expansion


99designs expands into non-English speaking countries

9:58PM | Friday, 23 September 2011 |  Crowdsource design giant 99designs has begun launching localised versions of its site, including an Australian version supported by more local sales and marketing staff ahead of an international expansion effort.

Japanese retailer Uniqlo to enter Australia: Five facts about a retail powerhouse

9:40PM | Friday, 16 September 2011 |  Japan is known for its love of fashion. And now one of its bigger chains, the cheap and cheerful Uniqlo, is set to arrive on our shores.

Go on a scouting trip

12:42PM | Thursday, 9 December 2010 |  Eventually your business is going to be looking for ways to expand, and it is the prepared entrepreneur who is ready to take the business to the next level.

10 ways to protect your business ideas

10:36PM | Thursday, 21 October 2010 |  Intellectual property may feel like an abstract concern for time-poor start-ups, but the need to protect your business ideas are more pressing than ever.

Find some angel investors

10:51PM | Tuesday, 19 October 2010 |  Even if you don’t really need an angel investment, it’s a great idea to figure out who the prominent angels are in your sector.

How can I grow my business?

8:42PM | Saturday, 28 August 2010 |  Entrepreneurs who want to grow their business can use a number of tactics.

When is the right time to expand?

8:35PM | Saturday, 28 August 2010 |  A start-up business expands from the day it is created, but many entrepreneurs eventually get to a point where they are faced with a choice – aggressively pursue growth or purposefully keep the business at a manageable size.

Eagle Boys Pizza’s Tom Potter

8:00AM | Wednesday, 25 August 2010 |  Successful Eagle Boys Pizza franchise founder Tom Potter reveals his next venture.

Secrets from the winning start ups

8:01AM | Monday, 23 August 2010 |  Young, smart, focused and flexible - meet the winners of the inaugural SmartCompany Crown Lager Business Start Up Awards.