Business management


How to get the right boardroom dynamic

12:50PM | Tuesday, 11 December 2012 |  Are you looking to set up your first board of directors? There are eight key factors you need to look out for. BY JAMES BECK and GEOFFREY KIEL.

All aboard for the small business board

3:11PM | Wednesday, 21 March 2012 |  The common wisdom is that only big companies need a board, but start-ups and SMEs can also benefit from having an advisory or even formal board structure in place. BY MARC PESKETT.

SMEs urged to focus on strategy in new financial year

8:28PM | Wednesday, 24 August 2011 |  Small businesses have been urged to review their strategies for the new financial year, with new research suggesting that many firms are concerned about succession planning.

The most important legal term: Founder vesting

7:32PM | Thursday, 28 July 2011 |  When you embark on your start-up path, all you can envisage is success. But if there is one thing to get absolutely right with your legal structure, it's to have founder vesting.

ATO compliance program to scrutinise small businesses

6:50PM | Thursday, 30 June 2011 |  A crackdown on the cash economy, sham contracting and super contributions herald the new financial year.

Trust and openness key for employees

12:14PM | Wednesday, 8 December 2010 |  According to a new survey, employees believe trustworthiness and openness are the most important characteristics of a good manager.

Theodore Roosevelt

10:00AM | Wednesday, 13 October 2010 |  Have you got a problem? Do what you can where you are with what you've got.

The main myths of management

9:47AM | Wednesday, 1 September 2010 |  We debunk the myths that continue to fill pages of management literature as well as the workplace.

Franchise industry under pressure

8:09AM | Wednesday, 25 August 2010 |  While the franchise industry’s favourite pitch is: it’s a safer bet than starting your own business – don’t be fooled.

The top 10 franchising mistakes

8:44AM | Wednesday, 25 August 2010 |  Disputes are breaking out as franchises become tougher to manage.