Cut costs


Are you hiding all your money in the fridge?

7:02PM | Monday, 1 July 2013 |  Do you know why your costs have ballooned? Have you checked for truffles in the fridge?

Why the price is rarely right for start-ups

7:39PM | Monday, 23 July 2012 |  Setting prices can be tricky: Too low and you go broke, too high and you scare off potential consumers. Thankfully, there are ways to make sure your price is always right. BY NINA HENDY.

Embrace the slasher

1:59PM | Monday, 9 January 2012 |  Pinpointing slashers – those people who have two sets of skills and therefore two titles – with the right sets of complementary skills, could be a great move.

How to dodge the energy cost crunch

4:18PM | Wednesday, 13 April 2011 |  The carbon tax may be an unresolved political hot potato for the Gillard government, but the pain of rising energy prices, and growing overheads in general, is one that is already being felt by small businesses.

Exactly what overheads will I save with my online retail shop compared to a bricks and mortar store?

2:35PM | Thursday, 3 February 2011 |  It's certainly much cheaper to launch an online retail store compared with a physical store, and there are significant cost savings to be made… But there are also some disadvantages.

NSW to make it easier for IT firms to sell to government

12:08PM | Friday, 10 December 2010 |  The NSW Government will attempt to make it reduce the red tape and costs associated with selling IT goods and services to government by amending an agreement known as Procure IT.