Dealing with clients


I’m a bad public speaker. How can I successfully pitch for capital?

5:02PM | Tuesday, 17 May 2011 |  If you’re naturally shy, it might be worth finding a business partner who can sell your idea to investors.

What happens if I lose my main client?

1:00AM | Tuesday, 3 January 2012 |  Because it's easier to lose a client than it is to lose a job, you should start looking for more customers.

A client is taking forever to reply about a deal. How do I deal with them?

5:05PM | Wednesday, 2 May 2012 |  There’s a polite yet humorous way to deal with this dilemma. The best part is that it will get results.

I'm being challenged in the niche my business occupies. Should I look for investors now?

10:50PM | Thursday, 20 October 2011 |  Under-capitalised markets leaders are tomorrow’s relics. If you believe you have discovered a niche with deep potential, work aggressively to exploit the market potential now.

I feel intimidated by clients. Help!

9:03PM | Friday, 23 September 2011 |  As a new business, you will soon appreciate the need for “confidence builders”.

Melbourne start-up goes global with NASA deal

9:00AM | Tuesday, 20 September 2011 |  A solo Melbourne-based entrepreneur has credited finding a neglected niche and search engine optimisation for luring global clients such as NASA, Peugeot and LG.

eBay Australia seeks ACCC talks over unco-operative suppliers

6:10PM | Wednesday, 29 June 2011 |  eBay Australia is to approach the government and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission over suppliers’ reluctance to have their products sold online, the company’s CEO has revealed.

What’s the fastest way to get a new team member up to speed? Should I throw him in the deep end?

6:57PM | Wednesday, 29 June 2011 |  They wouldn’t be getting near my important clients until I’d first seen the relationships they built with my “not-such-important” clients.

Picking up the tab

5:19PM | Thursday, 5 May 2011 |  Traditionally the rule is: whoever asks for the meeting pays for the meeting. However, it’s never a good idea to rely on traditions because sometimes other people don’t follow the rules.