Foursquare pivots into two apps, adding Swarm

5:51PM | Friday, 2 May 2014 |  Location check-in app Foursquare will introduce a new app called Swarm as part of its attempt to reinvent itself after hitting a growth plateau over the past couple of years.

How we analysed competitors to design our product

4:49PM | Wednesday, 24 April 2013 |  Since launching in the US, Posse has increasingly been compared to major tech sites such as Foursquare. Here are four pieces of inspiration we’ve taken from the tech giants.

Foursquare founders invest $1.1m in Timehop

1:11PM | Wednesday, 25 January 2012 |  New York-based start-up and TechStars graduate Timehop has received $1.1 million from a host of investors including the founders of Foursquare, after starting up at a Foursquare hackathon.

Eating my own dog food

1:31PM | Tuesday, 3 January 2012 |  The best products are those where the founders are the power users. BY MICHAEL GILES.

Facebook snaps up Gowalla’s team

12:08PM | Tuesday, 6 December 2011 |  Facebook has hired the co-founders and several team members of geo-social app Gowalla but will not acquire the service itself, which is due to be shut down in January.

Foursquare deal with LivingSocial set to boost retailers

7:20PM | Thursday, 14 July 2011 |  Location-based social networking site Foursquare has partnered with American Express to distribute coupons on behalf of five major group-buying companies, including LivingSocial.

Pulling up your start-up by its bootstraps

12:04PM | Wednesday, 1 December 2010 |  Bootstrapping doesn't prevent you from raising funds in the future, but it is certainly how the vast majority of web start-ups get going.

Getting your start-up on the map

11:50PM | Friday, 5 November 2010 |  The recent entry of Facebook into the geolocation game has sparked a wave of interest in location-based apps, with digital experts the world over predicting it will soon be mainstream.