Global Financial Crisis


PE and VC investments soar 44% in FY2011

11:40PM | Friday, 4 November 2011 |  Private equity and venture capital investments have grown 44% over the past year, according to the latest analysis of annual industry data, suggesting the capital-raising prospects for start-ups are brightening.

Bubble Gum Interactive

11:05PM | Tuesday, 1 November 2011 |  Bubble Gum Interactive founder Paul Gray explains how he's managed to attract funding for his business, which specialises in virtual games for kids.

Disrupting the status quo

10:08PM | Friday, 28 October 2011 |  Launching a new concept in an unfamiliar industry often requires a thick skin, particularly if you plan on franchising your business from the get-go. As entrepreneur Nathan Cuneen found out while launching Blow Dry Bar.

Paws for Life

10:32PM | Monday, 24 October 2011 |  Kim Miller and Michael Frizell are the founders of Paws for Life, a Sydney-based business aiming to change the way consumers purchase pet food.

Fitness First’s shrinking figures a warning for franchisees

8:44PM | Monday, 29 August 2011 |  Fitness franchises are starting to feel the effects of slow consumer spending, new reports claim, suggesting prospective franchisees should do their research before investing in the sector.

Economic activity to remain below-trend: Report

8:01PM | Wednesday, 17 August 2011 |  The Westpac-Melbourne Institute Leading Index fell to 1.6% in June, as the economy grapples with consumer and business caution, higher savings rates and rising unemployment.

Late payments a harsh reality for half of small businesses: Report

8:19PM | Wednesday, 17 August 2011 |  Almost one in two small business owners have experienced late client payments in the past 12 months, according to a new report, with a quarter facing serious cashflow shortages as a result.

Unemployment rises to 5.1%, economists warn of further rises

8:30PM | Thursday, 11 August 2011 |  Australia’s unemployment rate rose unexpectedly in July to its highest level since November last year, with economists warning it could rise further as market fears set in.

Examine your debtors list

8:49PM | Monday, 8 August 2011 |  With global financial markets in turmoil, sorting out your cashflow is paramount.

Global market turmoil: What it means for start-ups and how to react

8:20AM | Monday, 8 August 2011 |  As start-up entrepreneurs arrive at work after the most dramatic few days since the GFC, they are likely to have two key questions on their mind: What the hell just happened and what happens next?