• New camera features in iOS 5

    Most users that have updated to iOS 5 would already know there’s been a few updates to the camera app, namely the fact you can open the app from the l... Read More
  • iPhone App of the Week: Facebook Messenger

    Facebook has recently upgraded its iPhone App to make things a little more streamlined and easy to use, but it’s also introduced an entirely new app a... Read More
  • A few more iOS 5 tips and tricks

    Over the past few weeks the daily Tech Trick has been giving you a number of tips for using iOS 5 to its full advantage. Here are just a few more tips... Read More
  • Investigate your iPhone battery life

    Every smartphone manufacturer makes the claim that their battery can last for several hours. But how accurate are those promises? Read More
  • Split the keyboard in iOS 5

    The iOS 5 update has brought plenty of new features to the iPhone and iPad, but one of them makes typing even easier – the ability to split the keyboa... Read More
  • Check storage usage by apps in iOS 5

    One of the less talked about new features in the iOS 5 software update is the ability to check how much storage space each of your apps is using. Read More
  • Update your notifications in iOS 5

    iOS 5 comes with a new notification centre, which broadcasts news and updates from your apps on either the lock-screen, or from a pull-down menu. Read More
  • How to set a reminder in iOS 5

    One of the great new features in Apple’s iOS 5 software is the ability to set reminders, which pop up when you reach a certain date, or enter a certai... Read More
  • How to upgrade iOS software

    If you’re using an iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad, you’ll probably notice at some point today that Apple wants you to update your software. That’s beca... Read More
  • Transfer information from one iPhone to another

    iPhone users will encounter an issue when they want to upgrade their handset to the latest version. They have all the information, contacts, messages,... Read More
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