Payment solutions


How to reduce your payment terms

7:34AM | Wednesday, 3 July 2013 |  Start-ups are waiting 90 days or even longer for debtors to pay. Here’s how you can negotiate better terms.

Cloud-based mobile point-of-sale system goes beyond the counter

6:15PM | Wednesday, 26 June 2013 |  Payment systems have been evolving rapidly over the past year, with several new services launching in Australia within the last month alone.

Make it easy to pay

11:54PM | Friday, 25 November 2011 |  Businesses must make it as easy as possible to take payments from your customers.

Debtor finance rises 6.1% as SMEs battle cashflow struggles

9:43PM | Friday, 2 September 2011 |  Small businesses appear to be turning to debtor finance to deal with their cashflow woes, with a 6.1% rise in the value of the sector in the June quarter.

ANZ declares mobile payments trial with iPhones a success, but wants to wait on NFC

6:58PM | Thursday, 30 June 2011 |  US customers can now use a smartphone to pay for a cup of coffee, but experts say it’ll be a while yet before Australia becomes a wallet-less nation.

10 ways to prevent customers getting a free ride

3:47PM | Wednesday, 23 March 2011 |  It can be tempting for start-ups to offer generous payment terms, as a means to attract new customers. But until you collect the cash, all you have done is gifted away your product or service.

Start-up numbers soar in 2010 – but so do failures

2:00AM | Thursday, 24 February 2011 |  More than 160,000 businesses started up last year, a 13% increase over 2009, but the prospect for many appears bleak due to continued cashflow problems, according to new research.

Top 10 excuses for late payment – and how to tackle them

1:46PM | Friday, 28 January 2011 |  “My dog ate my homework” excuses are rarely tolerated at school, but it seems that small businesses are regularly accepting feeble justifications from customers who don’t pay up on time.

Upfront and advance payments on the rise

12:44PM | Tuesday, 14 December 2010 |  A new survey shows one in six businesses are demanding upfront payments and more are demanding cash in advance due to uncertain market conditions.

Facebook micropayment tool to enable in-screen purchases

10:30AM | Thursday, 28 October 2010 |  PayPal says users will be able to click and buy low-cost content without leaving web pages, with low transaction charges for sellers.