Real estate


Pollenizer hunts funding for property start-up Unrenovated

10:45PM | Friday, 21 October 2011 |  Tech seed fund Pollenizer is looking for partners to accelerate its latest venture, niche property website Unrenovated, which has already attracted investments totalling around $250,000.

Real estate agency

8:01PM | Tuesday, 30 August 2011 |  StartupSmart goes to auction to determine what’s involved in starting up a real estate agency.

Jumping the gun with clients

8:52PM | Friday, 26 August 2011 |  Negotiating with real estate agents isn’t most people’s idea of fun, but The Ad Network found out the hard way how to deal with the industry in a profitable way.

Go Gecko property franchise in administration

7:00PM | Thursday, 21 July 2011 |  Queensland property franchise Go Gecko has been placed into voluntary administration, but the company says its franchisees will be unaffected by the move.

Rate that Agent

7:00PM | Monday, 18 July 2011 |  Sydney-based Michael Jackson is attempting to revamp the image of real estate agents with an innovative new business.

Office and industrial rents on the rise

3:48PM | Thursday, 17 March 2011 |  A new report shows office rents are on the rise as leasing conditions continue to improve.

Rents on the rise in CBD but not suburbia

3:06PM | Thursday, 10 March 2011 |  A new report reveals commercial office rents are on the rise in most capital city markets as good employment growth and tight supply make affordable space scarce.

THE NEWS WRAP: Cyclone Yasi hits north Queensland

2:11AM | Thursday, 3 February 2011 |  Mission Beach and Tully expected to be worst hit, with banana and sugar prices set to soar.

THE NEWS WRAP: Report says Australian housing affordability among worst in the world

1:55AM | Monday, 24 January 2011 |  A controversial new report has ranked Sydney as the second least affordable housing market in the world.

Budding start-ups must avoid interest rate-hit sectors: NAB

11:00AM | Wednesday, 10 November 2010 |  NAB’s chief economist warns people looking to start a business should steer clear of the housing, wholesale and retail sectors due to their dependence on interest rates.