Aussie coffee start-up Harris+Hoole under fire over Tesco investment

1:58PM | Wednesday, 16 January 2013 |  A trio of London-based Australian entrepreneurs has been forced to defend its coffee shop start-up Harris+Hoole for giving the image of an independent chain while being part-owned by UK retail giant Tesco.

The best and worst start-up ideas of 2012

12:09PM | Friday, 21 December 2012 |  During the past year, StartupSmart has looked at some really innovative new products – and some real head-scratchers. Here is our best and worst for 2012. BY MICHELLE HAMMOND.

Tesco taps into virtual store trend

8:28PM | Friday, 17 August 2012 |  UK supermarket chain Tesco is rolling out “virtual supermarkets” in airports, allowing tourists to order food to be delivered when they return from their holiday.

Virtual shop a smart (phone) idea

10:33PM | Monday, 24 October 2011 |  A British internet company is launching a “virtual” shop with pictures of groceries, bringing a whole new meaning to the term “window shopping”.

Bio-Synergy puts the chrome on the cake

7:51PM | Friday, 22 July 2011 |  There are endless 'miracle' weight loss products out there but UK supermarket Tesco is touting chromium as a genuine silver bullet.