Windows 7

  • Snap programs to the side of the screen in Windows

    If you’re using Windows 7 there may be a whole host of features you’re not taking advantage of. One of those is the ability to snap windows to the sid... Read More
  • Minimise all your windows

    If you’re operating a bunch of windows on your computer, it can get confusing when you need to get rid of some and just go to the desktop. Read More
  • Set up a disk cleanup

    It’s the beginning of the year, and you may want to start yours off on a good foot. One way to do that – at least, digitally – is to give your compute... Read More
  • Clear your desktop by shaking in Windows

    After working for a number of hours during the day, you may find that you have too many windows open and it’s just too hard to get through to the prog... Read More
  • Activate desktop gadgets on Windows

    You may have seen some Windows users looking at a clock on their desktop or maybe a calendar or news ticker. Those widgets are built into the OS. Read More
  • Run a regular disk defragmenter

    It’s important to keep your computer running fast as much as possible. One way to accomplish this is with a disk defragmentation. Read More
  • Run a disk clean up to free up space

    Every so often you may find your computer is running slowly, even though you haven’t installed any new programs. Read More
  • How to show hidden folders

    Every so often you may want to fold a particular file or folder, and find that it’s missing, even though you swore you haven’t deleted it. Read More
  • How to install a second monitor

    The rise of wide-screen LCD monitors has been a great thing for the computer industry – now users are able to store more data on the one screen as opp... Read More
  • How to make your computer sleep

    Keeping your computer on all night is one of the biggest sins you can commit while working in an office, but unfortunately too many people make this m... Read More
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