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  • Get personally involved in collecting invoices

    I think I have found the reason why so many entrepreneurs struggle along with poor cashflow – it’s called Angry Debtor Phobia. Read More
  • Buy in bulk and save

    Everyone in business knows that buying more generally allows you to buy for less. But many start-ups lack the purchasing power (and the clout) to dema... Read More
  • Get serious about recognition

    StartupSmart mentor Martin Nally from hranywhere is a big advocate for the importance of recognition as a tool for retaining key staff. Read More
  • Consider career progression for your staff

    News that Grant O'Brien will become the new chief executive of Woolworths in six months time has sparked a number of stories about his rise from ... Read More
  • Control your next meeting

    Aaarrrgghhhh! Don’t you hate it when you get stuck in a meeting that gets so wildly sidetracked that you totally forget what the meeting was originall... Read More
  • Don’t aim to exceed your customers’ expectations

    Hundreds if not thousands of entrepreneurs around the world love to say that the key to standing out from the crowd is constantly exceeding customer e... Read More
  • Turn one client into two

    Entrepreneurs always want to have a bigger sales team (and hire more people in general) but the little budget birdie on your shoulder always says no. ... Read More
  • Celebrate a success

    Starting up is tough. When you pass a big milestone or win something (an award, a new client, a tender) then it is crucial to celebrate the success wi... Read More
  • Study every company on the StartupSmart Awards

    I love an awards ceremony. The bright lights, the red carpet... the free drinks. Read More
  • Take some hints from sales gurus

    Late last week I told you to keep spending time trawling the internet for trends, news and good ideas. Read More
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