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  • Get some advice on government grants

    Free money. The very words alone are enough to make an entrepreneur drool. And yet few entrepreneurs spend much time exploring one of the best sources... Read More
  • Pretend you are going to be very sick

    Start-up entrepreneurs like to dream. Some dream of fame and fortune, some dream of a 10 week vacation, some just dream of a weekend not thinking abou... Read More
  • Start preparing your New Year’s sales push

    The post-Christmas period can be very hard for start-ups and in fact all SMEs. Because so many people are away, sales are slow and invoice payments ar... Read More
  • Start a relationship with your bank

    Rightly or wrongly, banks are often portrayed as big, scary and faceless organisations that tend to give start-up businesses a very hard time. Read More
  • Become an industry news source

    I must admit that there are times when Twitter and Facebook get me confused. Read More
  • Try some bartering

    Back in the days of the ancient Romans, when being a Taskmaster had a very different connotation, bartering goods and services was a key part of the e... Read More
  • Take an afternoon to think

    There is an old saying that entrepreneurs should take the time to work on their business, not in it. Easy to say, but very hard to do, especially for ... Read More
  • Set up a weekly email for customers

    In some businesses – particularly service businesses – finding an excuse to talk to your customers regularly is a crucial first step in the sales proc... Read More
  • Clean up your desk

    How do you pick an entrepreneur’s desk? It’s the one you can’t see under all the papers, documents, coffee cups and screwed up business plans. Read More
  • Sweeten your sales

    It won’t surprise you to learn that the Taskmaster only dines at Australia’s finest restaurants. Crisp tablecloths, polished silverware, snooty waiter... Read More
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