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  • Take a break in the next two hours

    Each day, Taskmaster generally tells you to do something. Today, I am telling you to do nothing – for a few minutes at least. Read More
  • Have an email-free period

    Studying the bedroom activities of entrepreneurs has always been a passion of mine. Some like to read the latest business books, catch up on the TV ne... Read More
  • Pick an employee of the month

    There are so many ways to celebrate. The bottle of champagne sprayed Grand Prix-style around the office. The golf clap. The high-five. The small gift.... Read More
  • Go mystery shopping

    We all love talking about what great customer service we provide, and most entrepreneurs feel that their customer services style sets them apart from ... Read More
  • Read a blog

    While most entrepreneurs are like sponges that soak up news, information and industry gossip, some start-up business owners are so busy working away t... Read More
  • Take you best customer to lunch

    Lots of entrepreneurs like to say they listen to their customers, and use their ideas to drive their business forward. Read More
  • Write a to do list

    Ah, Mondays. I love them. A full week of making money, seizing upon opportunities and bossing people around lies ahead. Read More
  • Make a “luke-warm” call

    There is nothing good about a cold call. We hate receiving them and we especially hate making them. Read More
  • Buy a notebook

    Every woken up in the middle of the night with a great idea? Or had one in the shower? Or in the car? Or in the middle of a meeting? Read More
  • Meet you local MP

    Politics and entrepreneurs usually go together like oil and water. Entrepreneurs like action, and politicians like talking, and neither seem to have m... Read More
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