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  • Plan for customer collapse

    The collapse of REDGroup Retail, owner of the Borders and Angus Robertson chains, still have me thinking – about everything from poor planning to poo... Read More
  • Look 10 years ahead

    For many the collapse into bankruptcy of bookselling chain Borders was hard to believe. Read More
  • Consider the moats around your business

    Everyone loves to quote Warren Buffett. Read More
  • Investigate a customer complaint

    When a business gets a complaint about its product or service the immediate thought is to fix the problem, make the customer happy and get on with lif... Read More
  • Set up a staff discount scheme

    Lastweek StartupSmart presented a disturbing story on the scourge of "sweet hearting" – when employees offer family and friends discounts or... Read More
  • Secure your firm’s mobile devices

    Start ups typically take very different approaches to IT security. Some (usually in the IT sector itself) are fanatical about it, while many simply do... Read More
  • Discover a potential star recruit

    Regardless of the size or stage of their business, good entrepreneurs are always on the hunt for good people. It doesn’t matter how well things are go... Read More
  • Run a competition

    Everyone loves winning a prize. It won’t surprise you to know that when I was a young Taskmaster, I went undefeated in my primary school colouring com... Read More
  • Tackle office gossip

    A recent case before Fair Work Australia concerned the sacking of a worker for engaging in “back-biting” or malicious gossiping, as it is more commonl... Read More
  • Update your networking database

    We all do it. We go out to a networking event, a lunch or a meeting and we come back with a handful of business cards in your pocket. We throw them on... Read More
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