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  • Do some field research

    Block out a day in your diary, get a permission slip from your mother and pack a lunch – you are going on an excursion. Read More
  • Come up with a left-field marketing idea

    On Monday morning (Australian time) hundreds of millions of Americans will tune in to watch the Super Bowl, the pinnacle of the NFL season. Read More
  • Find a sales mentor

    How many mentors does a start-up entrepreneur want or need? My short answer is that you can never have too many. Read More
  • Shut the door

    Today I am going to introduce you to one of the most important tools in an entrepreneur’s arsenal – the door. Read More
  • Make sure payroll has got it right

    The Fair Work Ombudsman is the industrial relations watchdog which has the task of ensuring workers don’t get underpaid, over-worked or generally ripp... Read More
  • Take on an intern

    In today’s competitive job market, graduates are always looking (or should be looking) for opportunities to gain experience and industry knowledge. Read More
  • Make chasing accounts part of everyone’s job

    We are approaching February, the month of cashflow nightmares. The invoices you sent in December are still not paid or the cash is just trickling in, ... Read More
  • Give your customers a performance review

    We’ve all got customers that get on our nerves. Yes, they spend money with us. Yes, we like their cashflow. But the demands they make and the time the... Read More
  • Practise your employee interviewing technique

    Most entrepreneurs are planning to hire new staff members during the next 12 months, or at least hoping their growth will allow them to do so. Read More
  • Study competitors from the top end of town

    Australia’s corporate world is coming into a special time of the year known as profit reporting season – the six-week period during which companies li... Read More
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