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  • Explore a strategic sales partnership

    Start-up entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to increase their sales. More cold calls, more client appointments, more sales calls – for many bus... Read More
  • Get your own assistant taskmaster

    Here’s a challenge for the start of the week. Obviously your online Taskmaster can’t be everywhere at once, so why not consider setting your own assis... Read More
  • Get to know your suppliers better

    Many SMEs have a strange and sometimes strained relationship with their suppliers, and for one very good reason – suppliers can make or break a busine... Read More
  • Do some benchmarking

    The lovely people down at the Australian Taxation Office (seriously, they’re a great bunch down there) have recently invested a lot of time and effort... Read More
  • Get some advice on government grants

    Free money. The very words alone are enough to make an entrepreneur drool. And yet few entrepreneurs spend much time exploring one of the best sources... Read More
  • Pretend you are going to be very sick

    Start-up entrepreneurs like to dream. Some dream of fame and fortune, some dream of a 10 week vacation, some just dream of a weekend not thinking abou... Read More
  • Start preparing your New Year’s sales push

    The post-Christmas period can be very hard for start-ups and in fact all SMEs. Because so many people are away, sales are slow and invoice payments ar... Read More
  • Start a relationship with your bank

    Rightly or wrongly, banks are often portrayed as big, scary and faceless organisations that tend to give start-up businesses a very hard time. Read More
  • Become an industry news source

    I must admit that there are times when Twitter and Facebook get me confused. Read More
  • Try some bartering

    Back in the days of the ancient Romans, when being a Taskmaster had a very different connotation, bartering goods and services was a key part of the e... Read More
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