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  • Embed tweets in your WordPress blog

    Blogging software provider WordPress has added a new feature that allows users to embed tweets. Read More
  • Open multiple pages when starting Chrome

    Starting up your internet browser in the morning can be a bit of a chore, especially if you tend to visit the same sites every day. Read More
  • Where did my sidebar gadgets go?

    Windows Vista users may have become used to those cool gadgets on the side of the screen, but after switching to Windows 7, found those gadgets disapp... Read More
  • Master the TrackPad on your Mac

    When people switch from a PC laptop to a MacBook, they’re often confused when they try to use the touch pad in the same way. The Mac’s TrackPad is qui... Read More
  • Watch any video file on your iPhone

    Many businesses are now using iPhones to communicate and send files back and forth, but one of the more common frustrations with the device is its med... Read More
  • How to make the most of Chrome

    The Google Chrome browser is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, but there are many ways us... Read More
  • How to maximise your Android battery life

    Smartphone users will be well aware of the amount of juice that their gadgets use on a daily basis. If you or your staff are using Android phones, the... Read More
  • Share files between Windows machines and Macs

    Some businesses may have workplaces where workers are using a combination of Windows-based machines and Macs. But did you know you can share files bet... Read More
  • Move all email to Gmail

    Many businesses are now moving their email accounts into the cloud, and Google is one of the biggest providers of free email services. But did you kno... Read More
  • Use Windows Update for other programs

    Most Windows users would be aware of the Windows Update feature that allows your computer to receive software updates regularly, without you having to... Read More
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