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  • How to change a hard drive name

    Every so often you may need to change hard drive name for whatever reason. Perhaps you have two drives that are using the same name, and then one does... Read More
  • Enable restrictions on the iPad

    If you own an iPad, you may also have kids or younger relatives who want to use it now and then. But you probably don’t want them accessing some of yo... Read More
  • Change your iPhone name

    You may find one day that you want to hand over your iPod Touch or iPhone to a friend or family member. To do that, you’ll want to change the iPhone’s... Read More
  • Set an automatic away signal in Skype

    Often if you leave your Skype browser open for a long time, you’ll find that your status is actually still set as “online”, rather than away – even th... Read More
  • iPhone App of the Week: Bills

    If you’re running a business, or you’re a high-end manager in a senior position, then you may lose track from time to time of what bills you need to p... Read More
  • Unlink a DropBox account

    If you’re using DropBox on your computer then your computer will be linked to a particular account. IF someone else Is using it then you’ll want to co... Read More
  • Create a meeting invitation in Outlook

    Creating meetings through email is a great way to keep your day organised. In Outlook it’s a breeze. Read More
  • Change the download folder in Chrome

    It happens. You download something through a browser and then you can’t remember where you downloaded it. This is why browsers started using default d... Read More
  • Logging in to multiple Facebook accounts

    Did you know you can never open more than one Facebook user account simultaneously in any browser? What if you need to log in to more? There is a way ... Read More
  • iPhone App of the Week: Sorted

    There are dozens of to-do apps on the App Store. Unfortunately, most of them are incredibly complicated and require ages to customise. However, a new ... Read More