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Don’t waste time on Facebook

By Kate Sallai
Monday, 13 September 2010

Tech TricksAre your employees wasting time on Facebook and other social networking sites? According to new figures from ComScore, more users are now using Facebook than Google – and your employees could be too.


The figures, which reflect only American usage, show time on Facebook reached 41.1 million minutes during August, compared to time spent on Google which only reached 39.8 million minutes.


There is always a temptation to keep checking Facebook and other social networking sites while on the job, but these can be a distraction. Have a policy in place about social networking in the office.


Whether you decide to ban these sites altogether, or dedicate a certain amount of time for them each day, your staff should be clear on what they are or aren’t allowed to do on social networks.


You cannot ignore social media, with one-third of Australians now checking their Facebook pages nearly every day. Develop a policy and tell your staff – the worst thing you can do is ignore it.