Find startup business help, news, features and advice on technology for your startup business, from what kind of IT support you need to deciding on the best hardware and software for your business.

Advice How do I ensure my business is found online?

It’s all well and good telling customers your business has a website, but much of your traffic will come from random users searching for a topic on Google or another search engine.

Advice What kind of IT support do I need?

There is nothing worse than being unable to do work because of a dodgy IT system. Start-ups need to get their IT requirements right from the very beginning.

Advice How do I ensure that all my data isn’t lost?

Three simple words – backup, backup and backup. Copy your data, spread it around and protect it in as many places as possible to make sure you data is safe no matter what happens.

Advice How do I protect my data?

Protecting your confidential data is one of the most important tasks a business must fulfil, and it will only become more crucial as you grow.

Advice How do I decide upon the best hardware and software for my business?

Most businesses will require computers for staff, but don’t feel the need to go all-out.

Tech tricks Set default view in Google Calendar

By default, Google Calendar initially shows you the current week. However, this is easy to change if you want the current day or month to be the default.

News Australian entrepreneurs need to embrace ‘creative destruction’, claims Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull, the Opposition communications spokesman, says Australia needs to start celebrating the “creative destruction” of industries in order to foster innovation.

News Ozsale rakes in $1.3 million in 24 hours – here’s how it did it

The founder and chairman of online retailer Ozsale has offered up some key tips ahead of online sales event Click Frenzy on Tuesday, after his business achieved $1.3 million in revenue in a 24-hour period.

News New business-only features spark renewed Pinterest

Start-ups could soon be looking at Pinterest with renewed interest, after the content-sharing service unveiled a new set of terms for businesses, designed to help them utilise the platform.

News ‘Fitting fees’ challenged as consumers shun in-store research: Report

Less than 5% of consumers research products in-store before eventually purchasing them online, new research reveals, suggesting there is no need for retailers to introduce “fitting fees”.

Tech tricks Set meeting length in Google Calendar

If you use Google Calendar often, you’d know that setting a meeting can be annoying if you’ve set the default meeting length at an hour. Here’s how to change them.

Taskmaster Improve the way you share files

When it comes to sharing computer files, Old Taskmaster still remembers the days of the ‘sneakernet’. Thankfully, Taskmaster Enterprises has moved into the new millennium – and you should too.

Features The top five website errors committed by Aussie SMEs

If you’re starting up, putting a website together can be daunting. Here are five of the most common website errors committed by start-ups and how to correct them. BY OLIVER MILMAN and MICHELLE HAMMOND.

News Christmas tipped to see mobile commerce boom

The week before Christmas is the peak period for mobile shopping searches, new Google data shows, while findings from PayPal and eBay show mobile is increasingly aiding the “consumer discovery process”.

News Google to open start-up hub in Berlin

Google has announced it will open an expansive start-up hub in Berlin, following up similar initiatives in London and Paris with a commitment for €1 million ($A1.2m) over three years.

Taskmaster Be a social media maverick and switch away from Facebook

After the Dallas Mavericks called foul against Facebook’s charging, the NBA team began playing on a different social media court. Should Australian start-ups join them?

News Wollongong seeks to reinvent itself with start-up “Hackagong”

Wollongong will try to reinvent itself as a start-up hub by hosting a technology conference and hackathon event called “Hackagong”.

Features Five top time-saving tools for soloists

Solo operators have little time to waste, so these timely tools should prove invaluable for getting things done quicker. BY MICHELLE HAMMOND.

Tech tricks Some keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8

Some people call Windows 8 clunky. However, with this little trick, it can quickly become a lot more charming.

News SMEs playing the waiting game with their websites: Report

Almost half of Australian SMEs with an online presence didn’t launch their website until they were trading for six months, while 15% put it off until their second year in business, according to a new survey.

News NY coding start-up partners with Melbourne college

Richard Branson-backed start-up Codecademy has partnered with an elite college in Melbourne’s east thanks to Australian Rhodes Scholar Leng Lee, the start-up’s first employee.

Tech tricks Manage extensions in Chrome

If you’re using Chrome, then you’re probably using an extension or two. However, if you no longer need to use an extension you’ve installed, there’s an easy way to delete it.

News Tweaky launches The $500 Startup for tech-shy entrepreneurs

Online start-up Tweaky has launched a novel marketing initiative dubbed The $500 Startup, which will offer technical assistance to would-be entrepreneurs.

News Skype launches new platform for entrepreneurs

Skype has launched a free online platform called Skype in the workspace, enabling small businesses to connect with potential customers, partners and suppliers across the globe.

Tech tricks Add attachment features in Gmail

If you use Gmail often, there’s a nifty feature you can use to get more information when you’re adding attachments to messages.

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