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Change a default app in Android

Wednesday, 12 March 2014 | By Andrew Sadauskas

The first time you open a new type of file, Android will prompt you to select an app to use for that type of file in by default.


But what happens if you no longer want to use a particular app by default? Here’s how to change it.


Open the Android settings menu. In the settings menu, tap on Applications.


Depending on which version of Android you use, the option you need will be called something like ‘Manage applications’ or ‘All applications’. Tap on this option.


This should bring up a list of all your apps. Scroll down to the name of app that currently opens by default and tap on it.


On the page that comes up, there should be a heading that says “Launch by default” with a button underneath that says “Clear defaults”. Tap this button.


The next time you need to open that type of file, you’ll be able to choose a different app to use by default.