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Effective Measure unveils products to enhance mobile user analysis

Wednesday, 14 May 2014 | By StartupSmart

Effective Measure today unveiled new products aimed at providing businesses with greater access to mobile data.


The Melbourne-based company, a provider of digital audience, brand and advertising effectiveness measurement tools, says the products are designed to provide businesses with a deeper understanding of growing mobile users.


According to Effective Measure, its new mobile offering provides audience profiles and survey capabilities across mobile users and has the ability to measure, evaluate and monitor the power of campaigns across all handsets and mobile devices.


In addition, the company has launched an Effective Measure app, available for iOS and Android, which gives users real-time access to their survey and campaign related data.


The company has integrated a new HTML-based survey platform with the capability of launching surveys across all mobile devices running on iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry.


Effective Measure group director media Tony Eustace says understanding the tendencies of mobile users is increasingly important for advertisers.


“Reliable mobile measurement has emerged as one of the most significant issues in digital advertising,’’ he says.


“Supporting mobile functionality and campaign engagement insight in addition to integrating data seamlessly from all platforms and creating powerful new metrics is core to Effective Measure’s solution.


“Every part of the customer journey produces valuable data and marketers that are able to get the most comprehensive analysis of that digital migration will be the ones that can create the most compelling campaigns and media strategies across all screen and platforms.”


The new survey provides the tools required to map out a mobile campaign’s effectiveness and impact in relation to other platforms.


Key metrics include unaided and aided awareness, brand recall, familiarity, impression, trial, influence, purchase likelihood and net advocacy scores.


“The insights into the attitudes and behaviours of mobile customers will bring a profound new data set to our global clients,’’ Eustace says.


“By understanding the profile of the audience on mobile versus computer, as well as against their competitors, demonstrates the rich layers of data that will further fuel campaign innovation across all screens, provided unprecedented targeted marketing capabilities for the industry.”