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Get on the case

Thursday, 21 April 2011 | By Oliver Milman

Tech TrickOne of the major features of the iPad 2 that got tech heads salivating at its launch was the impressive cover/stand combo.


Just by lifting the corner of the cover, your iPad 2 is activated. If you roll back the cover, it crumples into a useful stand, allowing you to easily view documents from afar or make presentations in meetings.


The standard Apple case isn’t the only option available to tech-savvy entrepreneurs however.


Other options include the Chroma Joule which doesn’t actually protect the screen of your precious tablet, but acts as a mighty fine stand. It even comes in its own case.


If you give lots of presentations on your iPad, the Chroma Joule is a good bet as it allows you to position it in a variety of angles. Happily, it can also handle the Motorola Xoom.


A more versatile option is the Targus Versavu which acts as a case as well as a stand. It doesn’t look as flash as Apple’s own effort, but that should be low down on your list of considerations when selecting business tools.


This tablet case/stand market is one that will only grow in the wake of the iPad 2’s launch, so hunt around for the best fit for your start-up’s needs.