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Google’s hidden graphing calculator

Friday, 21 February 2014 | By Andrew Sadauskas

Back in high school maths, there’s a good chance you used a graphing calculator. But did you know there’s one built into Google’s search engine?


Here’s how to access it.


First, go to the search bar and key in the word “calculator” as a search query. Above all the search results, you’ll notice a full scientific calculator appear, including a range of functions including sin, tan and cos.


If you’re geeky, it gets better. Try entering 12*12 (an asterisk is used as the multiplication symbol, while the forward slash is used as divide) into the Google search bar. It will bring up the calculator – with 144 as the result.


Let’s get a little more complex. Try searching for 27pi. Again, the calculator will pop up, this time with the answer to 27*pi (the answer is 82.8230016469).


Now, it’s time to try searching for something like x^2 or sin(x). Above the search results, Google will draw a graph showing the result of the formula.