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How old are you in the clouds?

Friday, 30 August 2013 | By John Russell

The other week I began thinking about something that I believe to be really interesting, hopefully you do too.


Basically, I’ve been working with several businesses recently – including multinational businesses that turnover thousands of dollars a day on the web and small businesses that haven’t quite got their product positioning right yet.


Funnily enough, the business with the younger head honcho is about half the age of the other one.


At face value, one would think – in a business environment – the older, more distinguished businessperson with a few grey hairs would be the more successful one. But it turns out that you can’t go on face value; with the web, age doesn’t exist.


When I say age doesn’t exist, I am talking of course of the age of the entrepreneur. The age of the brand, however, is an entirely different story. A business that has a few more years in the game typically has a higher badge value than the other.


This begs the question – is the internet the best way for young entrepreneurs to make money? I’d say yes, absolutely. The fact that a highly intelligent person can be almost any age will allow them to sit behind the shadow of a computer screen while they work their magic to build the necessary contacts, their brand and ultimately their business.


There will of course come a time when the person behind the computer will have to present him or herself from behind the darkness. However, by this time, their reputation would have been more than established enough for their contacts to simply be surprised and move on.


What does this mean? Well, for those of you that have an idea and you feel that your age is holding you back – the cloud is your solution. It also means that we will most likely, in time, see the world’s first teenage billionaire, and most importantly, having the left-brained types investing in solid business ideas rather than people.


I personally look forward to this new era of an ageless business world and hope myself to one day capitalise on its amazing opportunities.


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