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Small Business Advice: Backup your Data

How do I ensure that all my data isn’t lost?

Three simple words – backup, backup and backup. Copy your data, spread it around and protect it in as many places as possible to make sure you data is safe no matter what happens.


Being a start-up, it’s unlikely you’re going to need terabytes of storage. Instead, several portable hard drives should be sufficient to copy your files. Don’t buy old-fashioned mechanical hard drives, instead look for solid state drives which don’t use moving parts and are much more reliable. Many are drop and fireproof.


Your website will also need to be backed up, especially if clients are using it to log in to their personal profiles and access work data and so on. Speak with your IT provider about setting up several different backup stations so if you have a site crash, no data is lost.


There are also data hosting services you can use that allow you to upload files and then download them through internet-enabled browser. These are often subscription based, and sometimes expensive, but well worth the money if you find yourself with no other alternative.


The key is to make sure your data is in as many safe places as possible.