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How do I decide upon the best hardware and software for my business?

Sunday, 29 August | By Patrick Stafford

Most businesses will require computers for staff, but don’t feel the need to go all-out.


Most retailers provide computers dedicated for office work, which usually come with specialised software like the Microsoft Office suite.


However, if staff are actually developing pieces of software, or are handling media like high-definition photos and videos, they’ll need more powerful machines.


What software you use will also depend on your business. The Microsoft Office suite will be a must-have, while you may want to look into products like Quicken and MYOB to manage your payroll.


There are also a number of data and asset management companies operating in Australia, so if you’re operating a warehouse you may want to investigate these types of software to organise your stock levels.


Also keep in mind you don’t need to spend a fortune to have solid, reliable software. The rise of open source over the last couple of years has meant alternatives to staple software like Word, MYOB and PowerPoint are now available for free.


Many of these have vibrant user communities and are well supported with regular updates. 


Also look into voice-over-internet technology (known as VoIP) to save on landline costs.