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Content is king when written with SEO in mind

Wednesday, 15 December 2010 | By Wai Hong Fong
Today we'll be looking at ensuring that the content on your website is written for the user, while keeping the search engines in mind.


As a start-up with limited resources, a good strategy for creating killer content is to first pick out a niche/topic that you are familiar with.


Always look to create content that adds value to your target market. Once you've found a good topic, you can then start identifying which keywords you'd like to target for the page.


These should not exceed two or three keywords or one or two key phrases, similar to title tags.


These keywords should be included in your title tags as well. Again, you might want to consider using various keyword discovery tools such as the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.


An important next step is to consider the intent of the people that would be searching for the keywords you are targeting. Are they generic keywords like 'gadgets' or 'buy gadgets' or are they more specific like 'great gifts for men'?


The key here is to ensure that the content of your copy matches the search intent behind the keyword that is being typed into the search engines. Once you've put some thought into the search intent, then you can go ahead and write something useful to the visitor.


For example, the intent of a search for "telescope viewing" is probably for information in using a telescope and not product information as compared to a search for "telescopes for sale".


As you're writing, remember to always write with users in mind. There's no need to stuff the page with your keywords 10 times all over. Google's smart enough not to be fooled by it.


What's more important is mentioning it once or twice and considering other related keywords to the topic of your choice. For example, if you are writing a guide on "how to choose a lawnmower", you might want to talk about gardens, grass, motors or anything that is related to a lawnmower.


A really useful resource is to use Wikipedia to ensure that you have a topical understanding of the subject matter and spark some other ideas of related topical ideas.


Wai Hong Fong is co-founder and chieftain at OZHut, a multi-niche online retailer that is passionate about truly serving people in the online space. In 2010, he was recognized as one of Australia's Top 30 under 30 entrepreneurs by SmartCompany.

Wai Hong also blogs on his journey as an Entrepeneur, with specific interests in SEO, Online Retail and learning to build strong businesses that thrive and in turn help us grow healthy communities that cherish our families, lives and wellbeing.