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Can’t touch this: New camera app to revolutionise selfies

Tuesday, 1 July 2014 | By Broede Carmody

A Swedish startup aims to make the lives of smartphone users a little bit easier with the launch of a touch-free selfie app.


GoCam, a new app by Crunchfish, allows users to trigger a photo without having to touch their screens. Instead, people can take a photo or video with a simple hand gesture while being up to three metres away.


Crunchfish claims GoCam solves the problem of selfie-takers having to “rush” into their best pose. The company, which specialises in touch-free interaction technology and is based in the Swedish city of Malmo, has launched the app in both Australia and Sweden, with availability promised for more countries soon.


In a statement, Crunchfish chief executive Joakim Nydemark says the app demonstrates what gesture interaction technology is capable of.


“GoCam really brings a magic user experience to your device that opens up a new dimension of exploring photography,” he says.


The app also allows users to edit their photos and take video recordings.